Saturday, May 3, 2008

Scrap Studio update!

I am so excited it is coming along right on schedule, as I have been nervous about the progress. Insulation is going up right now and the air ducts are in and lighting is in, all we need now is drywall, paint, flooring, counters, and all my scrapbook stuff but for now here are some pictures of the progress so far

Looks like a mess now but just wait until it is finished it will be my perfect scrap space!!
Look at all of those outlets cool I will use them!!

My Lights recessed lighting so bright!!!

My sink will go here!!
Finally some insulation how cool!!

This is where the air vent will be!!

Organization or not! Part 1

Organization or Not Part 2!!!!

This is a big thing for me right now, I am usually pretty good about organizing but I am having problems with this one. My scrapbook stuff is everywhere and I mean everywhere, my room, the living room, dinning room, kitchen, spare room, and now upstairs. It is taking over my house. I think it is time to get it under control and thanks to a fellow Fiskateer she is giving us a organizational challenge, this is definately going to help me get motivated to move! I am currently fixing a studio upstairs in our unfinished attic(cape cod style home). This will be done in less than a month so very excited but in the meantime I need to get organized! here are some pictures