Friday, October 31, 2008

Introducing Favorite things!!!

I am going to start showing my favorite craft tools, accessories, albums, and anything else craft related! So be sure to check in each Friday for Favorite Things Friday and Monday for My favorite things Monday! This will be each Friday and Monday until Christmas. Has anyone watched any of the popular talk shows on TV that show their favorite things! This has inspired me to do the same thing just to get you thinking for you or maybe great gift ideas for your favorite scrapbooker!

Today is Saturday 11/8/2008, I am behind, having issues well not really issues but not wanting to take the time to upload pictures:o) and with school so I am playing catch up!!!

Friday 10/31/2008

Today is My Marvy Heat Tool

I got mine at Micheals regular price is $19.99 I had a 40% off coupon and so it was apprx. $12.00 :o)

Monday 11/3/2008

Finally November yeah It is a month to be thankful and to remember what we are thankful for so for todays favorite thing I am going to say I am thankful for my Family, my Faith, my craft, my friends, and most of all I am thankful for My wonderful Mom! Check back on Friday for my next favorite thing!and remmember to be Thankful!!!

Friday 11/7/2008
so todays favorite thing will be...

...Drum roll... new daisy doodles Prima flowers

Sorry about the fuzzy picture it was late last night:o)

these flowers are so neat all of prima flowers are great but these are my newest collections (not for long I have a 50% coupon that I plan on using for Prima flowers stay tuned they may be on one of my favorite things list!)

The Daisy Doodles come in a neat glass jar kind of like a spice jar (so cute) with one assembled flower in the lid then 36 petals and the stamen for the center of the flower I can not wait to use them on a project!
I will try to be more promt to get my pictures uploaded and posted each day!

Happy Crafting!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sometimes crafting is hard

I am a crafter... I scrapbook, make cards, alter, crochet, and any other crafty thing that I come across. However, sometimes it is hard for me you may get in a rut and you may lose your mojo may not feel like crafting, this was not my problem. This weekend my friends mother passed away, to make a sympathy card probably the hardest crafting project I have had in a long time. I wanted to make something bright and something that would tell her how I felt, without making her sad all over again. this is what I came up with, I am pretty happy with it and sent it in the mail yesterday. I hope that it brings a smile to her face, enough talking here is the card.

more views can be seen on my creations gallery link to the right!

Thanks for looking

Happy crafting!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

Well just in my package that the mailman left me today!!!!

Fiskateers have done it again they have outdone the monthly product swap! October swap theme was anything Christmas! I found these cute snowman baggies to put my swap in which included, chipboard,beads,stamps,pencil.eyelets, and snowflake brads. I then received more than I ever expected it was quite the good mail day!

I received:



Fun Foam


buttons, eyelets, and brads



Microbeads and I also received glitter!

look at the cute candy bar holder that the hostess made she posted them on her blog here they are so cute online but so sweet in person!
I got more than this but did not have time to upload photos but as you can see this was a great mail~day!!!

The fiskateer community is just AWESOME I have made lots of online friends that have the same interests as me Scrapbooking and Crafting!!! You can find out how you can join here:, you wont regret signing up we have monthly swaps like this one, card swaps and RAKS all the time, online crops, challenges, surveys, and just good conversations and Fun lots of Fun!!!

Friday, October 24, 2008


Oh my do I love my Prima Flowers!! They are great you can use them on anything and they are gorgeous, all kinds of shapes, colors and types of flowers! I am obsessed with Prima flowers and now my Michaels sells them YEAH no more ordering online:o) These are the newest flowers I got it is Island colors in a calypso tin, when I opened the tim the flowers came flowing out there was tons of flowers in that tin probably 8 of each flower or something like that!
that would be like 64 flowers WOW!!!! Happy Crafting!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Terrific Technique Thursday

Well not so terrific today but lets bring back technique Thursday!
I have wanted to do this for quite some time but now just getting around to getting to it! With 18 hours of college a full time job I try to find the time to craft and have a little bit of a life plus blog about it:o)
Todays project is a non-traditional Christmas card
-1 8 1/2X 11 pixie pink(I think I am not for sure;) ) cardstock
-1 Orchid opulance cardstock
- 1 glorious green cardstock
- Prima flowers
-wishing you cheer stamp set
-black stampin up stamp pad
-stampin up markers
The technique is using markers to ink your stamps
now probably lots of you know about this but for those that dont it is a really neat technique that gives your stamped images a different look. I used it on the sentiment on the inside! Today's project is also to tell you that you do not have to have a traditional Christmas card for it to be festive!
gather your materials I used the stampin up materials but whatever you want to use

stamp set Markers I used Images stamped in black
Then I took the markers and individually inked the words a different color.
This is how you do this
1- ink however you wish on your image
2- breath on the stamp
3- stamp down and see your masterpiece
(now the warm moist of your breath will bring the ink back to life and you can stamp )
This is my finished product

and the inside:

I am very happy with this card it is PINK my favorite color! and using Stampin up! my favorite stampin company:o)
Hope you enjoy
Happy crafting!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mini Pocket Book

I was blog surfing as usual and found the cutest idea to make a mini pocket book on

This is my version it is going to be a gift for Christmas and I wanted to share it with the scrapbooking and stampin community!

I hope you enjoy!

Check the gallery "my creations" to find out the details!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

check out the gallery!!!

Link is to the right titled my creations... To check out this years Christmas cards. I am finished!!!! Well with what I already made but I will probably make some more but I am very happy with them.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

It is the Most wonderful time of the year

With the leaves falling, and rain falling and bringing good cheer. Oh you will have to forgive me I have been listening to Christmas music all weekend and all day today! I FINISHED my CHRISTMAS CARDS!!!! Yes I said it out lout I finished on October the 8th I have finished my cards oh wow now to get to work on my gifts. Pictures coming soon on my gallery so check back to see them. Cold and rainy here today and very fallish but that is good because right after fall is Christmas my countdown is at the bottom of the page. I have had a busy week and it just keeps getting crazier we are just on wednesday! Time to go to bed so I can do it all over again tommorow we are going to have company for dinner tommorrow so we will be cooking tommorrow no time to craft (well I may find a minute:o) )
Happy Crafting
Check back for pictures on my gallery!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Stressed Out, Flipped Out, Happy

I could be Stressing right now I could be flipping out about now but I am happy I have no complaints and everything is great! I could be stressing and flipping because of school I am taking 18 hours online for a bachelors degree and boy oh boy I am working my tail off trying to get everything done and turned in to get a good grade! I feel like there is not enough hours in the day LOL I go to work I come home and do school then I try to find time to scrap or craft then I watch a little TV when there is something on GREYS ANATOMY or DANCING WITH THE STARS!!!!!! Other than that everything is Awesome I am getting ready for Christmas season I just started my cards yesterday. Next Monday my family is making Applebutter so getting ready for company to stay at our house. And right now as we speak.... well I sit here typing :o) My cousin and wonderful uncle are working on my flooring for my scrapbook room. My mom will not let me see it until it is done so that is why no updated pictures but as soon as they get done (hopefully today :o) but probably not:o( ) I will post lots of pictures and tell you all about it! Life is just busy to add to everything else my church is holding REVIVAL this week this is going to be a good REVIVAL not trying to sound melancholy about it but I will have to rework things in my schedule to get to go! Off to organize my scrapbook stuff to pack up for my new space!
Happy crafting!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

World Card making Day!!!

Wow who knew there was such a thing! But there is it is World Card Making Day today! HAve you made your cards today would have been a perfect day to get caught up on Christmas cards, holiday cards, and any other cards you need to catch up on! I have been bad I have only made a couple of mini Christmas cards and I worked on some baby girl cards to swap but I can not reveal them at this time shhhh it is a secret :o) I will post pictures as soon as I get a chance

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Have yourself a merry little.....

Christmas!!!! Well not quite yet but not soon enough if you just can not wait Like me!!! Then you may want a Christmas countdown for your blog or siggy for your e-mail
go to this site

It will put you into the Christmas spirit.
I am not one to leave out Thanksgiving but I am making Christmas presents and cards right now and most of the times I start in the summer time so there you go.