Monday, April 23, 2012

Art Philosophy Day 1

My first project with my new Art Philosophy cartridge

I cut a bunch of flowers out (I think they are dahlia's but not for sure) 
Then put them together in an arrangement 
hope you enjoy
 Close up of the beautiful flowers with leaves to fill in space:)
a full picture of the whole arrangement

Happy crafting!

PS I am really loving this cartridge:)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Flower Shoppe Project

I am scheduled to attend a National Scrapbook Day Crop the theme is Paradise and we are supposed to wear vacation attire
I immediately thought I would wear my Hawaii dress with a flower lei from Hawaii
Then I thought I will make one, yeah I will make one with my cricut
here is what I came up with 

See my mess of beads and paper:)

Here is my tutorial on making your very own Hawaiian lei using Cricut and Flower shoppe Cartridge

1.gather your supplies

Flower shoppe cricut cartridge, mouse pad, bone folder, something with a blunt end I used a paint brush, paper piercer, wire, seed beads, cardstock colors of your choice

2. Cut the main flower (think of a real hawaiian lei I had one made with hibiscus)
3. now take your bone folder or embossing tool and crease the flower to the center on each petal

4. Once the flower is creased now turn it over and you will be embossing the opposite side(think of coloring in do not emboss over your creased lines just in between the lines (gives it a real life look) you may use an embossing tool or just something with a blunt end, I used a paint brush!

5. Now take that paint brush or embossing tool and roll the flower petals around the tool 

(see how it just came to life:), very neat I have found that stiff cardstock works the best)

6. now you will want to cut out the centers of the flowers I used white and yellow (dont have a picture of the actual center but of the cuts)

 7. now you are ready to string the made flowers on to a wire, I placed the seed beads in between each set of flowers to give that space so you could see the inside of the flowers
here is the final product again

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial come back to see the hair accessory I made to go with this lei

Happy Crafting

(this was not an original idea but I cannot remember where I saw it, saw it a while back and just thought I would attempt at making one)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Lookie what I got!!!!

For some time now I have been seeing some awesome projects with a cricut cartridge called Art Philosophy it is sold exclusively through close to my heart consultants(which I used to be one but gave it up last may:(, makes me sad)

The cartridge is $100.00 and I just felt the price was a little steep for my budget.  I felt like I could do all of what AP does with my other carts-- except for those delicious rolled flowers, so I bought flower shoppe a couple of months ago.

I was searching for project ideas with flower shoppe and all it kept giving me was the AP flowers, I thought long and hard about it  and finally took the plunge and purchased the Art Philosophy Cartridge, yep you read that right I bought the cartridge but I did get 3D-sized stamps and chipboard sheets that all coordinate

I am going to be doing a comparison between Art Philosophy and other cartridges and why it is completely worth it to purchase the set(remember I am no longer a consultant just a very happy customer!)

My first project is underway right now but I just had to share my excitement of getting the package yesterday
 Be sure to stop back by to see the great projects from this cartridge
Happy Crafting