Saturday, September 10, 2016

I am so excited

Have you ever woke up and could not wait to do what you loved to do? I am blessed to say that everything that I am doing right now in my life I feel that way about!
1. My Creative Corner Store-- I love getting into my studio and working on new and old designs, adding new categories to my shop
2. My day job being a Medical Coding Instructor- Yep I cannot wait to get to work and help young adults find their passion and become successful in the medical field
3. My Ruby Ribbon personal Stylist- I love playing dress up and helping women rediscover their confidence in clothing and redefine their closet
4. Church secretary- I didn't think I would ever be church secretary again but there was a need and I was able to help out-- I love helping out where I can for the Glory of God!!!
I hope that you can find happiness and joy in what you do