Saturday, May 23, 2009

Who does not like something FREE!!!

Oh I know I do, well I am offering a giveaway to the first person that buys something from the Simply Everyday Jewelry Collection or the Homespun Creation collection. It can be any purchase just as long as it is in either of those 2 categories! You will receive a free pair of Custom earrings valued at nearly $10.00 . How fun!!! Now you could really get a great deal if you act fast because right now when you purchase any dishcloth set and receive FREE shipping and then with this giveaway you would also receive the FREE pair of earrings! The Giveaway will run from now until Monday June 1st at 6:00 PM EST The Memorial day bonus buy will run until Monday!
Go to Creative Corner
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Happy Crafting!

**The earrings feature a silver plated ear wire, two white pearls and rose colored leaf charms **

Thursday, May 21, 2009

This is Fun!!!

Come on a treasure hunt

My Etsy Shop is joining in on another Treasure hunt Tomorrow! Click on the link to the right to get to my shop!
This week will be bigger and better than last time!
Come window shop find he product with a treasure chest in the listing! you will receive that item for FREE yeah everyone loves FREE all you have to do is pay for the shipping and handling it is still a great deal on that listing it will not show it free but it will have free shipping and that is what you are paying for (what is listed)
This prize is worth approximately~$5.00
Find 2 treasure chests and pay for this item receive fre shipping and a free pair of earrings
This prize package is worth approximately $18.00

Find 3 Treasure chest pay for this item and receive free shipping and a free dishcloth/ washcloth
Prize package worth approximately~ 18.00

WOW Prize packages worth a total of $41.00 WOW

The treasure hunt starts at 12:00 noon and will run until 12:00 Midnight
So stop by my shop and start hunting
*** Just to let you know the Treasure chests may or may not all show up at one time they may periodically show up through out the day! and keep looking they may show up more than once too You just never know what I have up my sleeve :)
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Happy Crafting!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Finally I did it!!!!

I made an official sale through ETSY! I am so excited, I did not understand what people were talking about when they said they made a sale and they were so excited it is very thrilling and inspiring to keep promoting and making new items!
The item is packaged up and ready to ship tomorrow!

Also on a side note I will be joining the Treasure hunt in my shop again this Friday stay tuned for all of the details!
Until next time
Happy Crafting!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Treasure hunt!!!

Come on a Treasure Hunt!!!!
Oh it is so much fun, a treasure hunt remember when we would do this as children growing up pretend we were on a treasure hunt and maybe there was pirates oh yeah well tomorrow we are having a treasure hunt at ETSY come and see (no pirates)!

Come by tomorrow starting at 10:00 AM until 12:00 AM it is all day but lots of fun and lots of shops are participating so you will want to shop here are the details

Come to my shop click on the link to the right or go to here
during the times 10:00 to Midnight
look in my shop try to find the embedded picture of a Treasure chest
if you find it you win!!!
to claim you prize you must first add the item that treasure chest is in then you will receive free shipping and a free pair of custom earrings
Prize valued at approximately $18.00(including S/H) WOW that is cool :o)

The PRIZE~One Free Custom Earrings with a natural leaf charm in a rose color with two pearls silver plate wonderful for both daytime and evening looks!!!!

I took in a kitty cat

A cute little guy we named him Fresno, my intention was to have a outside cat however Fresno had other plans he wants to stay inside but I am still trying to transition him outside, I think I am going to make him an outdoor enclosure so he can be outside but still be safe! He is so cute and now he is spoiled we hold him and he is just like a baby! I wanted to put this notice on my blog for anyone looking to buy from my shop! I make the statement that my products are made in a smoke free and pet free home! I do have a kitten he is 12 weeks old but is not allowed in my studio upstairs I keep all of my products there including the bags and shipping supplies so he is not in contact!
Hopefully I can get some pictures of Fresno uploaded soon!

Happy Crafting!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Don't you just love...

Hello Kitty

I know I do, Hello kitty was huge when I was little, growing up I had a ton of Hello kitty things! One thing that I did want and never could have was a true Hello Kitty birthday party complete with hello kitty invites but we could never find any, I know you would have thought that we could have found hello kitty invites anywhere considering how big she was but we couldn't:(

So now that I have my ETSY shop I thought hey there might be little girls out there that were just like me and want a true hello kitty party complete with hello kitty invites! I will custom make these invites in set of 10 I will also do 15 and 20 for additional costs
check out my shop for more details!

Happy Crafting!

Monday, May 11, 2009

New Listing

Check out the shop today for a new listing!!!
The Love Nature tiny greetings

These are 3X3 inch greeting cards perfect for any occasion,
especially for that special note of encouragement for your child's lunch box or put a sweet note on a co-workers desk, or add a special note to any gift actually these could become part of your gift they can be neatly tucked into a gift basket or bag for a wedding shower, Christmas gift(its never too early) Birthday gift, or a gift for someone who has everything!

You will want to hurry and pick them up today as there is only one set I will probably make another set but it will not be the same as this one!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Okay so I have some items I would like to spotlight here, you can find them on sale at my ETSY shop click on the icon to the right of the screen!

New baby socks these are hand-crochet so sweet the socks are sizes 0-6 months
Hand crochet dishcloth in beautiful pastel colors makes a great gift!
the so sweet card hand stamped using CTMH stamps great for any occasion Thank you, birthday, just because any thing really

Simple elegance bracelet a single strand of white pearls and hematite sterling silver closure
Pure elegance three strands of white pearls and hematite with sterling silver closure
Pot holder/ dishcloth, hand crochet with 100% cotton yarn great for putting hot pots on to protect your surfaces. With a nice little loop you can hang it for decorative purposes!
The berry sweet hair set includes a scrunchy and a headband both hand crochet
Got it going on Bangle: this bracelet definitely has it going on with wire wrapped bead charms and leaf charms makes this a great bracelet for anyone for both day time and evening looks!
Fabulous Friends 2 pg 12X12 layout wonderful to scrapbook all of your great memories of your Best Friend has room for 3-4 pictures and room for a journal spot !

So stop by my shop some time and take a look around!
Until next time
Happy Crafting!!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

My first sale!!!

Oh my goodness I thought this day would never come but It finally did!!!! I made my first sale from my handmade products on ETSY! I actually sold 8 products and I have 2 custom orders! I am so excited. It won't show up on ETSY that I have a sale because it was my friends from church that bought them and they did it directly through me and not through ETSY! I will post the pictures of what was sold I have removed them from my shop because they were a OOAK piece and I can not make them again! The Spring Stationary set (I will probably make more of these)
March Birthstone earrings (will be making more of these)

A Little Glitz( OOAK)

Light green wire wrapped earrings (I may make some of these again)

Dark Green Wire wrapped earrings (these may return)

Pink wire wrapped earrings ( I may bring these back)

Catch a pearl hoops (I may remake some of these)

A Little Glam (OOAK)

The Spring Stationary Set and the earrings except for a little glam was for doorprizes at a recent wedding shower they were a hit! A little glam was a seperate order!
For anyone out there in blogging world that is selling their handmade crafts and not having any sales give it time I was getting really down thinking that maybe I should close and just quit (I am not a quitter but no sales after almost 1 year it really starts to get to you) I have to say NEVER GIVE UP your sales will come and when they do you will be so energized to start working again!
until next time
Happy Crafting!