Friday, May 1, 2009

My first sale!!!

Oh my goodness I thought this day would never come but It finally did!!!! I made my first sale from my handmade products on ETSY! I actually sold 8 products and I have 2 custom orders! I am so excited. It won't show up on ETSY that I have a sale because it was my friends from church that bought them and they did it directly through me and not through ETSY! I will post the pictures of what was sold I have removed them from my shop because they were a OOAK piece and I can not make them again! The Spring Stationary set (I will probably make more of these)
March Birthstone earrings (will be making more of these)

A Little Glitz( OOAK)

Light green wire wrapped earrings (I may make some of these again)

Dark Green Wire wrapped earrings (these may return)

Pink wire wrapped earrings ( I may bring these back)

Catch a pearl hoops (I may remake some of these)

A Little Glam (OOAK)

The Spring Stationary Set and the earrings except for a little glam was for doorprizes at a recent wedding shower they were a hit! A little glam was a seperate order!
For anyone out there in blogging world that is selling their handmade crafts and not having any sales give it time I was getting really down thinking that maybe I should close and just quit (I am not a quitter but no sales after almost 1 year it really starts to get to you) I have to say NEVER GIVE UP your sales will come and when they do you will be so energized to start working again!
until next time
Happy Crafting!

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