Friday, December 28, 2012

Hard at work

 Just got finished with 16 new pendants for 2013 Winter collections
 I sure can make a mess while working, LOL but then I clean it all up so I can do it all again:)
This little package is on its way all the way across the Country :)

I hope everyone has a Blessed Day
Until next time
Happy Crafting

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Working on December Daily

My first year doing this project and I LOVE it:)
here are some of my pictures from  my album
 front cover stamped with hero arts stamps from 2011
 pocket for memorabilia first page
 black friday is a huge part of our holiday traditions so I had to include it
 as you can see not finished but a good start on Dec 1st decorating

 Our Christmas cards this year
 Christmas shopping spree
 Madrigal dinner program and ticket
 JCP buttons
 12-12-12 12 pictures from the day
 McDonald's for lunch
 church bulletin
 interactive page with the flowers in memory of
 my starbucks cup
need to get pictures printed , to fill up my album:)

I hope you have a Blessed day!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Let the countdown begin

To Christmas that is
So I sit here recapping the day in the dark living room only lit by the tree so warm and cozy!
The weather is trying to change to winter it thinks tomorrow is the first day of winter or something :)
I hope and pray it passes us by, it can get bitterly cold but the snow really needs to stay away until Christmas ( looking at the weather, looks like it will be springy for Christmas and the white Christmas that everyone wants will not happen)

I am in a re-organizing, re-decorating, cleaning mood, today I moved my office to the extra space in my studio, I cleaned my studio, and made plans to redecorate

The morning was well spent working on listings for etsy shop in January taking and editing photos and working on the descriptions, creating a new sweet collection to appear mid January, working on a custom order for a family member shhhh it is a secret

Once I got my creativity out of the way I began prepping for a new quarter of classes I want to try new things to get my students engaged-- the rest of my break will probably be mostly concentrated on my classes, but I am certain I will create something too:)

Stay tuned for exciting news from Creative Corner Designs By Danielle
Merry Christmas

By The Way I was included in a festive treasury come check it out By going to my Facebook fan page

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Busy little bee

So I am off on break for my day job but I have been super busy with my etsy shop!
I think you all will be excited of the things to come in 2013, I am:)

I have researched and played around with price point numbers and thankfully I am keeping things just the same no price increases for Creative Corner!

In 2013 there will be a section of the shop dedicated to chains and options for scrabble tiles currently I have 10 options with more bouncing around in my head.

I have a new collection of office/home decor coming mid Jan-early February

And only a small sneak peek today

I hope that everyone has a wonderful evening, come check out Creative Corner

Happy crafting


Friday, December 14, 2012

Busy Baking...

...Well Sort of:)

I have searched for something cute and sweet to give to my co-workers and boss at work.  I stumbled across this picture on google and knew I needed to make these

 this sweet cupcake even has a cherry on top :)
Images came from

So how hard is it to make a faux cupcake ornament... Well pretty difficult until you find the right recipe(no pun intended)

I started searching and searching for a tutorial to help make these sweet treats no luck finding anything 
I finally found something that told me to use spackling okay so off to the hardware store I went
Came home put it in a pipping bag and started frosting my cupcake to my amazement it slid right off the side of the cupcake and landed on the kitchen counter:( boo

now back to square one-- What had I done wrong? What can I do to fix it? well I did figure out that spackling is only meant for rough surfaces not glass my first mistake, and it is too soft not like real butter cream

Back to google but all I could find was images and etsy shop links, much to my dismay I went back to the hardware store and tried to figure something out
-plaster or paris
-dry wall mix
-faux snow
- a mixture of  some of the above

I came back home and began experimenting 
the plaster of paris is too heavy but I think they will make great paperweights 
caulking did not work either 
spackling did work if I spread it on and dried it with hair dryer  but it was not the look I was going for
Spackling mixed with faux snow maybe the perfect combination

Do I have a tutorial no not yet as I am still experimenting to get the perfect faux frosting for my yummy treats but I do have a photo of my completed project and BTW everyone loved them:)

There are a ton of faux cupcakes available on ETSY by very talented artists, I may once I figure out my recipe add a collection to my shop too but not anytime soon:) Check out the yummy collection by searching faux cupcakes on ETSY

Happy crafting

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

new Pendants Being added everyday

Christmas is fast approaching if you are like me I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off:) Although I am "finished" shopping really are we ever FINISHED, I don't think so

Etsy is a great place to get Christmas gifts this is not because I have a shop full of goodies waiting to go to a good home but because I have purchased my own gifts from ETSY

Etsy is a place where you can find unique items that are only found on ETSY, you can find a great selection of other items like my pendants, I am surely not the only one selling these cute little pieces of art.

I love my pendants but I have a huge competition on ETSY that keeps me on my toes

Whether you come to my shop or not please shop etsy this Christmas season(we need to speed this process up as we only have 14 days until Christmas)

I have been asked if it is safe to purchase from ETSY, I would say yes absolutely it is safe most if not all shops accepts paypal which is the safest way to pay online(free to sign up for account) others are using a new process called direct checkout which is through the actual shop, either way I feel it is safe

Some of my new pendant collections coming today and this week
 Be Merry Collection 2012
Thankful Chick Collection 2012
Happy Creating