Sunday, November 30, 2008

My Favorite Things Monday

Only 24 more days until Christmas yeah
Well I went ahead and decided to type this up Sunday evening so it would be ready for Monday morning!
Today's favorite thing is...
Drum roll...




Yeah you read that right stickles I have looked and looked for stickles forever no one anywhere had them:o(
last weekend at my scrapbook retreat my friend pulled out stickles out of her bag I said oh my where in the world did you find that? She said in Tennessee! Oh I said :o( I was sad but then yesterday I was in ACM and there they were staring at me I thought I was dreaming my brother had to reassure me that I was not dreaming that they were in fact hanging there I was making quite the scene in ACM everyone was looking at the crazy lady saying no it cant be I must be dreaming oh my are you serious oh my this is so awesome!!! Yeah getting teary eyed over glitter glue I have officially gone over the edge :o) LOL
well here is the package I got, it had icicle, Christmas red, and pink

sorry for the blurry picture but I guess I was just so excited that I did not focus the camera correctly but you get the idea!
Oh my these are now on my Christmas list but at $5.00 a package I will have to wait until a coupon comes out:o)

Holiday madness and Birthday party

Oh my this weekend the famous official start of the Holiday shopping season! 2008 shopping season is now in full swing, and I am so excited, I did not have hardly any presents bought before Thanksgiving this year but on Black Friday I was out at 3:40 AM shopping at my local mall, and on Thanksgiving at 6:00 I went to Walmart and Michaels, then on Saturday I went shopping from 9:30 am to 5:30 that evening and then today Sunday went shopping from 4:00 till 6:15 so much fun!!! I did find out that my absolute favorite store in my mall is closing the whole company is closing but we got a lot of great deals! Today was one of my cousins birthday she is 15 or will be this week! Her mom fixed potato soup and we sat around and talked and had fun then I came home and took a test for school then we went shopping!
Yesterday I found something I have been looking for, for what seems like forever "STICKLES" and oh my remember to check out My Favorite Things Monday for my post about stickles
here is the card I made for my cousins birthday you probably cant see it but there is stickles on it on the candle and on the birds feathers on its head!

Look how cute is that bird and you can not really see but used the threading water punch too!!

The inside of the card
I like to decorate the encelope too so I put a cute little cupcake on the front of the envelope!
Happy crafting

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My favorite things Monday LATE!!!!

Sorry I am late but yesterday I wanted to recap my scrapbook retreat and Monday, well Monday I was busy trying to get caught up from the weekend!:o)

Today I would like to showcase

I absolutely love stamping I started stamping about 4 years ago and I started with wooden rubber stamping then last year I discovered close to my heart clear stamps and WOW what a difference you can see what you are stamping and where you are stamping I love it, I have had a party and getting ready for another party they are so much fun to use! I still use whatever stamps I have or that I run across that I just have to have but close to my heart is definitely my newest favorite!!!

Have a happy Thanksgiving and happy shopping (Black Friday)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Scrapbook Retreat Details

Oh my goodness!!!! What a weekend, it was almost like a dream 36 hours of scrapbooking!!!
I arrived at the hotel at about 9:00 or shortly there after on Saturday morning, we then left for lunch at 11:00 and came back at 12:30 I started scrapping and the hostess gave away door prizes then it was almost time for dinner and so we went to the hotel restaurant (not very good :o( ) then came back to the room and scrapped some more and then left at around 8:00 PM to go to Starbucks to get some Caffeine!!! There were 25 of us all together and we had a blast. PRIZES PRIZES PRIZES, food, and fun!!!! I set a goal for myself to stay up all night and so I did at 1:30 AM everyone left me I was all alone in the room full of scrapbooking goodness. I got more done in the wee hours of the morning than I thought I would have. The others came down at around 9:00-10:30 we ate breakfast and then scrapped some more. I left at about 1:00 PM I was ready for bed:o)

here are some pictures from the retreat:

Picture of my space I shared with 2 of my scrapping buddies

Close up of my actual workspace (A little messy right now it got better and then it was like this again and then clean and you know it is a cycle)

Tool table with cricut and all the cartridges, and a sizzix and a lot of dies free to use all night and all day long we could also have brought our own and used it!

The stamping table all of those stampin up, close to my heart, and other wooden and clear stamps free for all to use!
The hostess is so generous with prizes, she was all the time giving away prizes each guest got four paper M&M's we put our names on them and then she drew names out for prizes and not just goofy prizes these were GREAT prizes like close to my heart stamp sets, scrapbook kits, paper, eyelets, brads, stickers, M&M's, journals, calendars, stamps, storage things, and more

Check SpellingClose up of My winnings

I won the following:
  • close to my heart stamp set Love bug oh how cute is it.
  • An M&M Journal
  • An M&M Calendar
  • set of wooden alphabet stamps
  • 8X8 scrapbook kit lazy summer
  • 12X12 scrapbook kit (not pictured)
there was a close to my heart consultant there and she had a lot of retired sets for $5.00 and $10.00 and so I bought 2 God bless you set and amore alphabet
close up of goodies!!! check out the BIG M&M the hostess cut these out for each guest at their tables with our names on place cards!! (She thinks of all of the cutest details WE LOVE HER!!!!)

then I stayed up all night and won the grand prize which was a huge scrapbook bucket tote packed full of scrapbooking materials!

More than the excitement of winning all of the prizes it was worth it just to get out to be able to scrapbook with old friends and to be able to make new friends!!! She could have taken all of my prizes away and I would have still had a blast and loved every second of the scrapbook getaway!! Thank you to the hostess she knows who she is for a wonderful time! Cant wait until March to do it all again!!!! (yeah we already booked the hotel for the next getaway)

Friday, November 21, 2008

Favorite things Friday!

Happy Friday
I am excited today just one more day a little more than 24 hours until my Scrapbook getaway! I have to finish packing today and then I will be ready!

Today's favorite thing has to do with Monday's favorite thing
My cricut cartridges!!

These are not my only cartridges but the most used cartridges!

and oh my they are coming out with some new cartridges that are definitely on my Christmas list: Hello Kitty, sesame street, Tinkerbell, and Pixar Cars

The cartridges make it possible for the cricut to do basically anything your imagination can come up with!!!

Have a Happy Friday and a wonderful weekend!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A new card

Two peas in a bucket is having their stamp camp and each week they show a new technique that has to do with stamping!

so far we have done marker technique, stamp resist, faux metal technique!

I want to share my faux metal card today

Maybe for a terrific technique thursday I will show a tutorial on how to create a faux metal card!

here is the card!

Monday, November 17, 2008

My Favorite Things Monday!

Happy monday morning
It is going to be Winter today cold cold cold with a chance of Snow:(
I know some of you like the snow but not me I do not like it at all, let me explain, I live out in the country old country roads and ice do not mix, if I did not have to go anywhere I would love the snow I am sure that some of you feel the same way!
Enough talking here is todays favorite thing...

My Cricut!!! I do not know how I ever managed to scrapbook without it, I use it almost everyday at least once (I am having withdraw as I have it packed up for a crop then I am in the process of moving into my studio and do not have a place to use it yet)
The cricut is AWESOME if you are thinking about getting one but not for sure... Go ahead you will not regret it at least I did not I have had it now for two years and love it the possibilities are endless with the Cricut you can make cards, bags, tags, boxes, paper dolls, scrapbooks, embellishments, monograms, home decor the list can go on and on. Cricut now has two siblings the big sister Cricut Expression and the baby brother the Cricut Create! The expression will cut 12X12 images which is great for scrapbooks and bulletin boards. The Cricut Create is a bit smaller than the original cricut but has some of the newer features like the expression. Cricut also has something called the jukebox this allows you to cut from multiple cartridges at the same time without changing cartridges. I would definitely encourage you to get one any one of them the Expression was on my Christmas list.

Here it is open ready to cut

stay tuned on Friday for the favorite Cartridges!

Happy crafting!Check Spelling

Saturday, November 15, 2008


You just have to love them.... I do! It is a wonderful company the month of October was Breast Cancer Awareness month and Prima got involved. They did a Pinky Swear project where the first 200 people that commented on their blog and promised they would tell 5 friends and family members to get their mammograms and annual checkups! I promised and I did right away e-mailed family members and friends! For my promise they promised to send me goodies, I received the package Thursday and my oh my what a package they gave me two bottles of Espirit flowers pink and yellow and a say it with charms heart charm. I was asked to make a project and post it to their blog. My problem was that it is now November and what do I do everyone else has already received theirs (the late arrival of my prima goodie package was not Prima's fault, it was mine, I had to get the money and the time to get a pre-addressed envelope to Prima all the way in California) I sat in my studio and stared at the flowers all I could think about was the song "Itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini" I tried to make other things related to breast cancer but could not get that song out of my mind so I made a bikini card this could be an encouragement card for weight loss, a happy birthday card, a happy honeymoon card, wedding card, going on a senior trip card, or even an encouragement to someone with termainal illness it is so bright and would bring a smile to anyones face!
My Itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini! How cute!

The inside sentiment!

Look at those flowers and there is my card again!

Close up of the heart charm I still have to come up with a project for this one!

Thanks for looking remember Monday is My favorite things Monday!!!

Happy crafting!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Favorite Things Friday

Today my favorite thing is...
...My Punches I just love punches and I really can not craft without at least one of them! My new favorite punches are Fiskar punches, the new squeeze punches and the Threading water punch I searched and searched for 6 months to find a threading water boarder punch. I have to tell you that this is my absolute favorite I find myself using it over and over but so much fun!!!The squeeze punches are wonderful because you can see exactly where you are punching they have turned it upside down so you can see the cutting surface COOL!!! This week Michaels had punches on sale but I resisted buying one right now I needed to get paper for Christmas(Yeah right I keep telling myself this) I hope to have a project up tomorrow!!! Prima sent me my package of flowers and heart charm for the Breast Cancer pinky swear project I will make a card and post it so be sure to check back!!!

My three squeeze punches so far my collection is small but give me time:o)

See how they stack up so nicely it makes for easy storage!

here they are showing the cutting surface!This is to show you how it is that you punch something out, see how you can see exactly where you are cutting, I think this is so neat no more guessing where you will be cutting now I know!!!Last but definitely not least the Threading Water Boarder Punch, this is awesome I will have to do a tutorial sometime, the next boarder punch I want to purchase will be the lazy days of summer or leave it to weaver!

Enjoy your weekend and as always Happy Crafting!!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

My Favorite Things Monday

My favorite things Monday

I really wanted to do this just to show my favorite things it can maybe give you gift giving ideas for you or someone special.

Today my favorite thing is....

The Making Memories Desktop Carousel

I have to tell my story about this... I belong to a great online community Two peas in a bucket you should check it out at anyway after one of the CHA's I can not remember which one. I saw the message board buzzing with MMDC what in the world I finally asked oh it is the Making Memories Desktop Carousel, only the best thing for scrapbookers. I decided to do some research so I went to the making memories website and there it was on the homepage, WONDERFUL I had to have it. I looked all over could not find it. One day I went in Michael's and there they were on the end cap of the aisle and it said makes a wonderful gift. So I asked for it for Christmas my family looked for it but could not find one anywhere. So I ended up with a gift card that will do I said because I will find one. I went to Michaels everyday for the next three to four months holding on to my gift card and hope that I would find it. When one day I went in after long searching and found one lonely one sitting on the shelf I snatched it up real fast looked at the price it was 40% off $29.00 so that made it approx $17.99 then I had a 40% coupon but I could not use it because it was already on sale but the lady said do you have a coupon I said yes I do she said okay I can use it. I gave her the coupon and WOW this makes is approx. $11.00 BOY oh BOY was I on cloud nine!!! I came home and filled it up with all of my most commonly used tools. and better yet I still had money on my card so more shopping for me!!
This is a life saver for any busy scrapbooker, it has many compartments and hold a lot of scrapping stuff and the best part is it is on a lazy susan so you don't have to work hard to get the tool you want:o)
now to some more pictures

Look at the little drawers:o)Ariel View of the MMDC as you can see it is well loved

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Card Swap!!!

Oh my I have just finished hosting the 2nd card swap through Fiskateers! This is such a fun swap lot of work but so much fun. I had 15-16 girls on the team this time we each made 10 cards and swapped them! To see all of the talent of everyone is great each and every one of us Fiskateers are very CREATIVE :o) My house well my dinning room table had all kinds of postal material on it for days at the end my mom was glad to see them go, (me too) I have received comments back from the girls that participated and said that yes they got their cards and they liked them YEAH!!! I plan on hosting another card swap at the beginning of next year. Can you believe that it is almost 2009! I can see a lot of neat crafting next year:o)

here is the picture I took right before I went to the Post Office!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Only 14 days until the getaway!!!!

Oh I am so excited my great friend is hosting a 36 hour scrapbook getaway at the brand new hotel in town so I am so excited!!!! I have never been to anything like this... what to bring.... what not to bring.... what to wear.... so many questions I think that I will probably over pack as usual but what if always comes into my mind so I will over pack. My goal is to stay up all night, why you may ask because I have never stayed up all night in my life and I want to get a lot done and don't want to miss a minute of the fun since I have never been to something like this. I have been packing and organizing for weeks and tonight even going through pictures to see which ones I need for my projects. Oh my projects I have 5 Christmas projects to work on and 5 other miscellaneous projects to work on plus I will have my bug so I can always make paper dolls for gifts too!! I will definitely let you all know how it goes it is on November 22 starts early in the morning and goes through Sunday Afternoon. Did I say I am excited?... Oh yeah I did sorry but it is the truth I am EXCITED let you know the details after the retreat!
Happy Crafting