Friday, November 14, 2008

Favorite Things Friday

Today my favorite thing is...
...My Punches I just love punches and I really can not craft without at least one of them! My new favorite punches are Fiskar punches, the new squeeze punches and the Threading water punch I searched and searched for 6 months to find a threading water boarder punch. I have to tell you that this is my absolute favorite I find myself using it over and over but so much fun!!!The squeeze punches are wonderful because you can see exactly where you are punching they have turned it upside down so you can see the cutting surface COOL!!! This week Michaels had punches on sale but I resisted buying one right now I needed to get paper for Christmas(Yeah right I keep telling myself this) I hope to have a project up tomorrow!!! Prima sent me my package of flowers and heart charm for the Breast Cancer pinky swear project I will make a card and post it so be sure to check back!!!

My three squeeze punches so far my collection is small but give me time:o)

See how they stack up so nicely it makes for easy storage!

here they are showing the cutting surface!This is to show you how it is that you punch something out, see how you can see exactly where you are cutting, I think this is so neat no more guessing where you will be cutting now I know!!!Last but definitely not least the Threading Water Boarder Punch, this is awesome I will have to do a tutorial sometime, the next boarder punch I want to purchase will be the lazy days of summer or leave it to weaver!

Enjoy your weekend and as always Happy Crafting!!!

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