Monday, November 10, 2008

My Favorite Things Monday

My favorite things Monday

I really wanted to do this just to show my favorite things it can maybe give you gift giving ideas for you or someone special.

Today my favorite thing is....

The Making Memories Desktop Carousel

I have to tell my story about this... I belong to a great online community Two peas in a bucket you should check it out at anyway after one of the CHA's I can not remember which one. I saw the message board buzzing with MMDC what in the world I finally asked oh it is the Making Memories Desktop Carousel, only the best thing for scrapbookers. I decided to do some research so I went to the making memories website and there it was on the homepage, WONDERFUL I had to have it. I looked all over could not find it. One day I went in Michael's and there they were on the end cap of the aisle and it said makes a wonderful gift. So I asked for it for Christmas my family looked for it but could not find one anywhere. So I ended up with a gift card that will do I said because I will find one. I went to Michaels everyday for the next three to four months holding on to my gift card and hope that I would find it. When one day I went in after long searching and found one lonely one sitting on the shelf I snatched it up real fast looked at the price it was 40% off $29.00 so that made it approx $17.99 then I had a 40% coupon but I could not use it because it was already on sale but the lady said do you have a coupon I said yes I do she said okay I can use it. I gave her the coupon and WOW this makes is approx. $11.00 BOY oh BOY was I on cloud nine!!! I came home and filled it up with all of my most commonly used tools. and better yet I still had money on my card so more shopping for me!!
This is a life saver for any busy scrapbooker, it has many compartments and hold a lot of scrapping stuff and the best part is it is on a lazy susan so you don't have to work hard to get the tool you want:o)
now to some more pictures

Look at the little drawers:o)Ariel View of the MMDC as you can see it is well loved


Just Jess said...

wow you can tell it's well loved! I wish I could have one too but no desk space over here- just a closet sniff, sniff

Mardi said...

You can get a lot of goodies in those, I can see why it is your fav!