About Me!

Thank you for taking the time to stop by my blog and shop!
I am first and foremost a Christian that loves the Lord!!!!! 
Everything I am able to do is all because of Him!
I have been crafting ever since I can remember making handmade cards 
out of construction paper and crayons or markers and then moving right 
along to rubber stamps and scrapbooking tools!  I have enjoyed paper crafting 
for years, scrapbooking for 12 years and making greeting cards for 10 years!

You will be able to find me on Flickr, Twitter, facebook and here!!!!

I not only craft but during the day I am a certified professional coder, and the Medical Coding Program coordinator at a local college!  I love love my day job  it is so very rewarding to see the students get the information that I present and go on to become medical coders in the medical field!
I am very thankful to God for my day job, and thankful that I can also create in my spare time

A couple of years ago I began making jewelry too which is not too far of a stretch from scrapbooking:)
I decided to name my Jewelry and here is the story behind that...
Pure Eden Jewelry and Accessories-- where did this name come from?
I am horrible at naming things everything I would say would just not stick and was not catchy for my jewelry, then one day I said okay I am going to search for baby names(yes I really did this) and I am just going to name my jewelry shop after a girls name~ When I found EDEN and translated means Delight well okay that is a great name now what to put with it and then I came up with Pure Eden, my pieces are inspired by my God's perfect creation as I watch the sunrise on my porch, the stars above my house, swim in the Pacific ocean  in Hawaii(my favorite place) I can see God's beauty and I almost immediately come up with a new design!