Monday, August 9, 2010

Page Maps August contest

Oh how I love page maps, they are changing the way I scrap and I love it click here to see it! This is the layout I came up with, from the sketch they gave, what do you think? I am really really pleased with how it turned out:)

My layout the sketch uses 3 pictures but I had this one and it equals out to be the same size as the other just in one picture, I did some faux stitching (love it) Page maps is really helping me step outside my scrappin comfort zone:)

close up of the picture how cute is that the picture was just by pure luck because he pulled his paw out of that water fast I just got lucky in capturing this shot!

close up of title Fishy these are letters that coordinate with the paper pack by deja views

I love this diecut it came in the paper pack so it matches and goes with the theme:)

close up of detail the stitching and sub-title

My Fresno I wanted to see what he would do with a fish, he loved it he sat and watched it and watched it then he would stick his paws in the water trying to capture the fish, he didn't but it was soooo cute and I was so excited to scrapbook this picture it was the first picture I grabbed for this challenge!

Supplies used:

  • Deja View cat paper stack with diecuts
  • threading water punch (Fiskars)
  • Creative Memories circle cutter
  • SU! Journal pens
  • ribbon(not for sure of brand)
  • close to my heart stamps and ink

Happy Crafting

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Oh I feel so bad about neglecting my poor blog for so long:(
I have been sooooooo super busy lately
1. I have 3 jobs count them 3
2. I have a HUGE test to study for (Certification)
3. Reorganizing Revamping my scrapbook Studio

Yeah I know I know those are all just excuses however I have some great blog posts coming

1. The job thing I have 3 here they are
a. Church Secretary- I have been my churches secretary for 3 years almost 4 and loving it
b. Cricut Demonstrator for Provo Craft-- wow if that is ever a dream job for me
c. A college instructor teaching Medical Coding This is a wonderful job too

2. The Certification test is for Medical Coding and it is HUGE 5 1/2 hours so I am studying very hard

3. Reorganizing my scrapbook studio-- yeah this is fun instead of using my limited spare time to scrapbook or create I am reorganizing, purging, cleaning, yeah and a little bit of decorating:)

I plan on taking progress picture s of my scrapbook studio redo I have been scrappin for almost 9 years now but have only had a studio a few years, it is taking me a long time to find what is working for me but I think I am on my way thanks to the Peas over at 2peasinabucket:)

I will probably be back later today or tom with a layout for Page maps sketch contest be sure to stop by

Happy Creating

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The countdown

Oh it is already June 3rd am I ready yet? That is a good question, I think I am getting there but not quite yet:)
The 18th my Grand Opening day over at Pure Eden Jewelry, I have been working on a logo and my earring cards I take the handmade thing all the way down to my packaging:)
If you go to Flickr you will see some examples of what will be introduced on June 18th I can not put specifics on Flickr but you get the idea, If you see something you like then please come by my shop on the 18th or that weekend and check it out!

Here is a sample of my logo For Pure Eden Jewelry (no keep in mind this can change over time but right now I am almost happy with it, still have to tweak some things in photoshop)

Pure Eden Jewelry is inspired by God's Beautiful Creation when you translate the Eden it is to say Delight so really my shop name would read Pure Delight which is what I find in the Lord and his beautiful Creation!

Have a fabulous day

Friday, May 28, 2010

Wow where Have I been?

Well it has been CRAZY!!!!!

I have taken a HUGE break from ETSY, I learned a lot from my experience in ETSY and I hope to be more successful this time
For anyone who makes handmade crafts and would like to contribute to their family I do think ETSY is a great outlet, however there are a few misconceptions about ETSY here are some that I have learned!

1. you open an ETSY shop and magic will happen-- sales will just flood and you will have a hard time keeping up
--This is not true well for most people, the ETSY shop will have to be opened for months prior to getting sales

2. because the ETSY shop is virtual means it does not take lots of hard work
--Completely false, I think that is may be harder because it is virtual you have to work that much harder to be a reliable trustworthy person

3. You can just be on ETSY and no problems marketing and promoting shops
--This is partly true partly false, I found that I had to do marketing and promoting outside of ETSY, but also on the forums on ETSY was a great place to promote my shop too

4. Keeping good records are not that important because it is just a hobby!
--Yeah right a hobby, well records are always important know your expenses compared with your profits

Just a few misconceptions I learned the hard way--

I have just re-opened my greeting card shop
I am working diligently to get my Jewelry shop opened on June 18th

So come on by the Creative Corner Greeting Card Shop

I will be back with some Jewelry updates

Have a Happy and Safe Memorial Day