Friday, May 28, 2010

Wow where Have I been?

Well it has been CRAZY!!!!!

I have taken a HUGE break from ETSY, I learned a lot from my experience in ETSY and I hope to be more successful this time
For anyone who makes handmade crafts and would like to contribute to their family I do think ETSY is a great outlet, however there are a few misconceptions about ETSY here are some that I have learned!

1. you open an ETSY shop and magic will happen-- sales will just flood and you will have a hard time keeping up
--This is not true well for most people, the ETSY shop will have to be opened for months prior to getting sales

2. because the ETSY shop is virtual means it does not take lots of hard work
--Completely false, I think that is may be harder because it is virtual you have to work that much harder to be a reliable trustworthy person

3. You can just be on ETSY and no problems marketing and promoting shops
--This is partly true partly false, I found that I had to do marketing and promoting outside of ETSY, but also on the forums on ETSY was a great place to promote my shop too

4. Keeping good records are not that important because it is just a hobby!
--Yeah right a hobby, well records are always important know your expenses compared with your profits

Just a few misconceptions I learned the hard way--

I have just re-opened my greeting card shop
I am working diligently to get my Jewelry shop opened on June 18th

So come on by the Creative Corner Greeting Card Shop

I will be back with some Jewelry updates

Have a Happy and Safe Memorial Day

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