Saturday, March 29, 2008

Technique Saturday!

This is supposed to be Technique Thursday and every Thursday I offer a new technique, but I could not figure out how to post pictures, I finally figured it out and now I will share my technique with you today.


The use of chalk is addictig, once you start you wont want to stop, it adds so much to your project. There are so many chalks out there today I will be using Pinc. Pebbles Inc. pearlescent chalks you can use any chalks they come in all colors check out the stampin isle at your Local Scrapbook Store (that is normally where they are found).

Step 1: Gather your materials, stamps, stamp pads, markers, paper, scissors, and chalks

(Sorry about the picture I dont know how to flip it around I think you can see my supplies)

Step 2: stamp your desired image onto a sheet of cardstock, today I used a spring flower from my Stampin Up! collection Burst into bloom.

Step 3: take your chalk applicator place a pom pom on the end and pick what color you want to chalk I chose pink, purple, green, blue, yellow.(If you dont have an applicatoryou can use a cotton ball or a Q-tip)

Step 4: cut image out

Step 5: adhere the image with pop dots or just a tape runner

Step 6: you are done!
(Picture is upside down but you get the idea I used my chalked flowers for a thank you card the Thanks is cut from cricut with base camp)

now wasn't that easy, you can use chalk on just about everything; use it to distress the edge of the paper, use it to bring out stamped images, use it on plain white cardstock to give it dimension.

till next time,

Happy Crafting!

Friday, March 21, 2008

My Close To My Heart Stamps!!!

They are here!!!!

I went to a Close to my heart party almost a month ago the last of Feb. and just got my products on Wed. I love them I received Liquid glass awesome I will post a technique later, liquid applique, and a stamp set you can see an example of a project in my prior post. The bunnies are sooooo cute I just love bunnies so I knew I would love this set, I plan on having a party later in the year so I will have to let you know about my new goodies but until then happy crafting and here is my CTMH stamp set. Look at those bunnies how sweet I can make Easter treats, Easter Cards, Birthday cards, I am thinking of you cards, oh the possibilities are endless!

I absolutely fell in love with Close To My Heart, I thought I loved stampin but I LOVE it now see where you are stamping easy to correct mistakes I just cant say enough about Close to my heart and clear stamps. I would like to say that I am not a consultant for Close to my Heart just a very pleased customer!!!

Good Friday

I think that all Fridays are good but this one is the best, with the up and coming Easter on Sunday, Families gathering is going to be almost mandatory well at least in my family, but we dont mind we like to gather. We cooked at our house today and we will have probably 15-18 people here to Eat Easter dinner, well Good Friday dinner lol. For the occassion I made some little favor boxes to give to my family members, it was so much fun creating these little treats. I used bazzill basics bling paper, Close to My Heart stamps, the Cricut of course, and a variety of stickers. They are so sweet but maybe I am just biased. here are some pictures of the boxes

I just hope that they love them as much as I do! I guess we will see here in about 30 minutes.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

catching up!

I know it has been all week since I have been on but I have been extremely busy preparing for my finals that are later this week. Two peas posted a challenge a couple of days ago: what does creativity mean to you? Creativity is the core of my hobby, it is inspiration being able to recognize it and do something crafty with it. It is sitting around and thinking what could I make next, what page could I create. My blog is named creative corner, I feel like I need a corner (my new scrapbook room) where my creativity will flow! Update on my scrapbook room, It is coming right along the closet floor (in the eves of the house) is almost done we have one wall up, It is going to be a long drawn out process but I guess I can wait lol. I will post pictures once it is done from start to finish. Two peas challenge today is what is the essential core of friendship to you? For me it would have to be honesty, without honesty I dont think you have much of a friendship or relationship, I also think that you have to make time to do things that you want to do with your friends it is very important even in our busy lives in today's society you need to find a little time to spend with your friends. Yesterday was a really nice day until last night it rained, then today I think that it is supposed to rain. That is okay I will take the rain any day! What are you doing scrapbook related today? I am going to finish up my Easter treat/favor boxes for our family Easter dinner. Then I am studying for Finals, fun huh!!!!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Spring Weather!!!

Two Peas challenge today is to blog about the weather in our neck of the woods(wathcing the Today show). Today it sounds like it is going to be pretty nice in the high 50s with a chance of rain, I love rain so I am okay with that. No snow in the forecast Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have had just about enough of the snowy wintery weather. This whole week is supposed to be beautiful up in the 60s and low 70s I am so excited. There really is not a picture to take to post nothing but a lot of fog this morning as I type this post. I plan on taking advantage of this nice weather and maybe I will park away and walk, you never know when it will be warm and nice again.
Till next time

Happy crafting!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Slicky Icy Saturday!!!

Today has been the winter weather everyone says that we were getting but never got, well today it came with 1 inch of ice on my front steps this morning, snow and ice everywhere. Not my kind of day but oh well as I said last night I had some serious scrapbook shopping to do, so I did it. I went to AC Moore. I bought my much wanted and needed stamp set, bazzill bling paper pack, lots of stickers, some patriotic ribbon for a future project. As I sit here typing this the snow blows outside it really is a pretty thing to be inside of your warm home looking outside at the cold white snow. It is snowing just like it had to, it just amazes me how the weather can be absoulutely gorgeous 78 degree sunny weather one day and 20 degrees and snowing the next. Spring better hurry up and get here I am ready for sure!!

Friday, March 7, 2008


Thank Goodness It is finally Friday! Whew it has really been a long week trying to get ready for Easter, Finals, and my up and coming scrapbook party. I am ready for a nice relaxing weekend! What are you doing Scrapbook related this weekend? Well I am going to work on my jellybean treat boxes for my Family Easter Dinner. They are calling for some bad weather on Saturday and Sunday but I am hoping it is not as bad as they are saying. I really need to go to A.C. Moore and Target, scrapbook related purchases if I get out tommorrow I will post pics of my purchases. I am planning on getting some stamps paper and others stuff we will see. A new walmart just opened in our area I heard on the news that 80 stores opened today, 80 stores there are walmarts everywhere. Hope all has a great weekend I am going to!!!! Try to get some scrapbooking and stamping done by Monday. Have a great weekend

Happy Crafting

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Technique Thursday

I thought that I would take the time on Thursday's to spotlight some of my favorite techniques and call it "Technique Thursday". For this first Technique Thursday, I am going to spotlight embossing. There are several types of embossing but tonight I will focus on heat embossing. The products you will need are

  • heat tool (Marvy heat tool)
  • stamps
  • embossing powder
  • embossing buddy
  • stamp pad (craft) or versa mark

these tools can be found at any of your local scrapbook/hobby store. You can also get an embossing pen the one I most frequently use it the versamark pen, this allows you to emboss your journalling and your handwriting if you so wish. I enjoy embossing it adds a little sparkle and dimension to your layout and or card. the following sites can help by showing step by step instructions in addition to mine.

Embossing, once you start you wont want to stop I will now post picture illustration of heat embossing easter card.

Step 1 gather your materials(list is above)

Step2: if using an embossing buddy use it now I have never used this, I have used a dryer sheet it works not as well is what I have heard (using the dryer sheet rub it across paper where image is going to be stamped)

Step 3: stamp your image in desired spot and color if using versa mark as I have done you can not see the image it just leaves a water mark on your paper

Step 4: take your embossing powder sprinkle a liberal amount onto your stamped image (make sure that the ink is not dry.

Step 5: plug your heat tool in and turn on this gets very hot please supervise your children it can burn you talking from experience, not fun. Be careful. It is easy to burn your paper (also by experience) hold your heat tool at least 6 inches away from the paper and move back and forth over the image.

the image will now look wet and raised, it is now complete let image cool for a few minutes then adhere to page or card or finish your project

I hope that this tutorial has been helpful with it being my first I hope that it was set up alright.

Happy crafting

Be sure to check next "Technique Thursday" to see what will be the focus technique.

Sorry I tried to post pictures but I could not figure it out so maybe in the morning I will try again. I have to go do accounting homework

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Here Comes Spring!!!!

The thoughts cross my mind that spring will never come. Winter is not my favorite time of the year I feel very trapped the snow and the ice and the bitter cold weather. I long for spring to show its pretty face once again. A couple weeks ago it was snowing just like it had to and was just a mess out so I sat down and made up some little spring notecard sets. Everyone says I need to sell my products but I am just not that confident in my work, it is something that I am continuing to work on. These cards just put a smile on my face and made me feel much better. All weekend and yesterday we had 70 degree weather and sunshine. Today we had pretty nice weather 60 degrees but cloudy then this evening a storm came through here I though we were going to get washed away, the creeks were running over into the road. Crazy but I cant complain because it isnt the typical winter weather. I guess I need to admit that yes I think that snow is beautiful and I love to watch it snow but if I have to be out in it I do not like it at all. my favorite time is spring, summer, fall, and well winter without the dangerous roads and sidewalks. I like everytime of the year and it seems that when it is cold in the winter we complain it is too cold when it is warm and hot in the summer we complain that it is too hot and in the Spring and Fall we complain about allergies and colds because of the weather changes. I dont think that we can ever be comletely satisfied but I think that I can tolerate it, or at least I will try to.
Pictures of my notecard sets is below tell me what you think $12.00 too much-- not enough--
Thank you
Happy Crafting

My yard

Two Peas Challenge, remember your yard as a child, did you help out with the yard work?

My yard was huge as a child I remember playing so many imaginative games in my yard it was a big rolling hill. I would go way up to the very tip top of the back yard I would be queen. My kingdom would be my neighborhood. I would imagine that the dogs would be lions or bears and then I was Dorothy looking for the wizard (My favorite movie as a child). All kinds of memories. I had my clubhouse underneath the willow tree, we had lots of pine trees on the side of our house and I would gather pine cones at Christmas time. In the winter when we would have a big snow it was a really good yard to sleigh ride in if you went all the way up to the top you would have to be very careful not to run into the house, I did this several times not fun but didnt get hurt. I also ran into a big bush once just got scraped up. The house I am in now the yard does not even compare I live way out in the country we have a farm (no animals) but just built this house and really dont even have a yard just a big mud hole. hopefully one day we will have a nice yard but nothing like my childhood yard. No I never helped with the yard work it was hard work all hills steep so I could not do it plus I never did it to satisfy my mother. She did let me try a couple of times but I did not get the lines right. So I never really did lawn work. But I had a great time playng in my yard.
Thank you twopeas for posting this challenge it is nice to remember things of your childhood every once and awhile.

Monday, March 3, 2008

My First Blog

I have always wanted a blog but never knew how to go about how to do it. I finally figured it out so here it goes. My blog is going to be concerned mainly with scrapbooking and stamping and well any craft type activity.
Also I will start out my blog by announcing that my scrapbook room (a room for just me and my creativity :o)) is officially started and I will post pictures throughout the process. I am just so excited and you will probably hear (read LOL) about it alot!!
I am trying to figure out some cute Easter favors for a dinner we are hosting I think I am going to make a little box with some candies in. Splitcoaststampers had a tutorial on a box called a peek-a-boo box it looks really neat and fairly simple. I might have to give it a shot. But I kind of want something with a jellybean theme we will have to see. I have made up some little note card packs with a spring theme. Everyone that has seen them says I should sell them, I like them but I dont think that they are good enough to sell I will post pictures in a few days not tonight since I am just trying to figure this whole blog thing out.
Happy crafting