Tuesday, March 4, 2008

My yard

Two Peas Challenge, remember your yard as a child, did you help out with the yard work?

My yard was huge as a child I remember playing so many imaginative games in my yard it was a big rolling hill. I would go way up to the very tip top of the back yard I would be queen. My kingdom would be my neighborhood. I would imagine that the dogs would be lions or bears and then I was Dorothy looking for the wizard (My favorite movie as a child). All kinds of memories. I had my clubhouse underneath the willow tree, we had lots of pine trees on the side of our house and I would gather pine cones at Christmas time. In the winter when we would have a big snow it was a really good yard to sleigh ride in if you went all the way up to the top you would have to be very careful not to run into the house, I did this several times not fun but didnt get hurt. I also ran into a big bush once just got scraped up. The house I am in now the yard does not even compare I live way out in the country we have a farm (no animals) but just built this house and really dont even have a yard just a big mud hole. hopefully one day we will have a nice yard but nothing like my childhood yard. No I never helped with the yard work it was hard work all hills steep so I could not do it plus I never did it to satisfy my mother. She did let me try a couple of times but I did not get the lines right. So I never really did lawn work. But I had a great time playng in my yard.
Thank you twopeas for posting this challenge it is nice to remember things of your childhood every once and awhile.

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