Sunday, March 16, 2008

catching up!

I know it has been all week since I have been on but I have been extremely busy preparing for my finals that are later this week. Two peas posted a challenge a couple of days ago: what does creativity mean to you? Creativity is the core of my hobby, it is inspiration being able to recognize it and do something crafty with it. It is sitting around and thinking what could I make next, what page could I create. My blog is named creative corner, I feel like I need a corner (my new scrapbook room) where my creativity will flow! Update on my scrapbook room, It is coming right along the closet floor (in the eves of the house) is almost done we have one wall up, It is going to be a long drawn out process but I guess I can wait lol. I will post pictures once it is done from start to finish. Two peas challenge today is what is the essential core of friendship to you? For me it would have to be honesty, without honesty I dont think you have much of a friendship or relationship, I also think that you have to make time to do things that you want to do with your friends it is very important even in our busy lives in today's society you need to find a little time to spend with your friends. Yesterday was a really nice day until last night it rained, then today I think that it is supposed to rain. That is okay I will take the rain any day! What are you doing scrapbook related today? I am going to finish up my Easter treat/favor boxes for our family Easter dinner. Then I am studying for Finals, fun huh!!!!!

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