Thursday, March 6, 2008

Technique Thursday

I thought that I would take the time on Thursday's to spotlight some of my favorite techniques and call it "Technique Thursday". For this first Technique Thursday, I am going to spotlight embossing. There are several types of embossing but tonight I will focus on heat embossing. The products you will need are

  • heat tool (Marvy heat tool)
  • stamps
  • embossing powder
  • embossing buddy
  • stamp pad (craft) or versa mark

these tools can be found at any of your local scrapbook/hobby store. You can also get an embossing pen the one I most frequently use it the versamark pen, this allows you to emboss your journalling and your handwriting if you so wish. I enjoy embossing it adds a little sparkle and dimension to your layout and or card. the following sites can help by showing step by step instructions in addition to mine.

Embossing, once you start you wont want to stop I will now post picture illustration of heat embossing easter card.

Step 1 gather your materials(list is above)

Step2: if using an embossing buddy use it now I have never used this, I have used a dryer sheet it works not as well is what I have heard (using the dryer sheet rub it across paper where image is going to be stamped)

Step 3: stamp your image in desired spot and color if using versa mark as I have done you can not see the image it just leaves a water mark on your paper

Step 4: take your embossing powder sprinkle a liberal amount onto your stamped image (make sure that the ink is not dry.

Step 5: plug your heat tool in and turn on this gets very hot please supervise your children it can burn you talking from experience, not fun. Be careful. It is easy to burn your paper (also by experience) hold your heat tool at least 6 inches away from the paper and move back and forth over the image.

the image will now look wet and raised, it is now complete let image cool for a few minutes then adhere to page or card or finish your project

I hope that this tutorial has been helpful with it being my first I hope that it was set up alright.

Happy crafting

Be sure to check next "Technique Thursday" to see what will be the focus technique.

Sorry I tried to post pictures but I could not figure it out so maybe in the morning I will try again. I have to go do accounting homework

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