Monday, January 19, 2009

My Scrap~Studio

I am getting closer and closer to finishing my scrapbook studio! I thought I would share, at the bottom of this page there is a slideshow showing my new space, I still have to put up some art on the wall and a message center and just today after I took these photos I put up a calendar so each day we get closer to finishing! Thanks for stopping by the slideshow is at the bottom along with my new playlist, you will find a wide variety of songs I love music every kind of music all the way from classic to pop I am not a rock or heavy metal fan but anything else is great!
**** Note I am a Christian and you will find the christian music first, some music towards the end is not Christian more POP/RAP but if it has a beat you can dance to I like it most of the time I dont even listen to the words, if you find a non christian song offensive please let me know!***
happy crafting

Friday, January 9, 2009

and yet another christmas project!

This project was a little harder than I ever thought... an altered rubix cube! How hard can that be I thought, not that hard right... wrong!!! I took my pictures had them printed in mini prints I cropped them to fit the cube then what do I do? I took all of the colored stickers off (the colors on the rubix cube is just stickers) then I prepared my work surface and got to work first trying rubber cement, did not work the picture just folded up and rolled off the cube, I then tried super glue did not work either it glued the cube shut and got all over me and if any barely got on the picture it ate it like took the image off the photo paper . By this time I am getting very aggravated... we are like 7 days away from Christmas. I went to my uncle he said he could help me so he soaked the cube over night to get the photos off and then he got the glue unstuck and then he used double stick tape and some type of sealant and voila we had a full functioning rubix cube that no one else will have another one just like his. This gift was for my little brother (16) I think he really liked it. I am sorry I do not have anykind of pattern so if you are thinking about making one all I can say is good luck and dont use rubber sement or super glue use double sided tape and a sealant.
I was so excited when it was done I did not get a picture of the finished product I wrapped it up and gave it to him on Christmas eve and that was it.
Thanks for stopping by!
Happy Crafting

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Another small Christmas project!!!!

I made these cute snowmen for favors for family dinner on the Thursday before Christmas! It was a huge hit, everyone loved them I even helped my little brother make some for his teacher and she loved it too. I originally found them by Kathleen her blog is listed under my Fiskateer friends she made little santa's (so cute) and I thought I can do that for favors and it would be easy.
Thanks for looking
Happy crafting

on a side note
Winter is Here!!!
If you know me at all you know that winter is not my time of the year! I complain until I can not complain anymore. It is snowing right now and I just do not like it I am getting sick to my stomach thinking about going out to work tomorrow, slick roads ooohhh I cant say anymore! Some of you probably think I am crazy and I may well be but I do not like snow not one little bit I never have but def. not now.
Lets think about good times I want to think about HAWAII. We leave in June I am so excited I think I will make a countdown calendar to help me out. Maybe tomorrow after work I will work on it. Hopefully I can get it completed by the end of the week and then post it next week. My moms birthday is this Sunday and I have a couple of projects I need to work on for Sunday, one I have not even started so I need to get working on it!
Hope everyone is having a wonderful wednesday

Monday, January 5, 2009

One of my Christmas projects

This year my immediate family decided to exchange handmade items! This was especially neat for me because I scrapbook, stamp, crochet I am into anything handmade! So I decided to make a 12X12 2009 calendar, a crocheted scarf, an altered rubix cube, and a cat scrapbook. They all liked their gifts. Today I am going to share some images from the cat scrapbook. I am very happy with the finished product.

***Sorry about the pictures I took them with my 5mp and inside the scrapbook because it was too hard to get the pages in and out I was getting ready to wrap the book so anyway sorry about the picture
Shadow paw he is the best cat in the world his personality is AWESOME we say he thinks he is a people LOL he eats more from the table than from the bowl and he is just our favorite!
This is Jasmine she is the only girl and boy can you tell it you can see the lower photo is her valentines present from last year a pink hedgehog she is so sweet!
Jasper well what can I say about him he is lovable, rotten, and hyper he is so funny
This scrapbook was probably the hardest scrapbook I have done journaling wise when they are not my pets what can I say but I think I did a pretty good job(o:

The sweetest photo of all three of them all cuddled up together sleeping!! This layout I did about their names and what the names mean.

This layout was done at 2:00 in the morning at my retreat I went to in November I am very proud of this one considering how tired I was everything was done just right.
The other page to the layout that was done at 2:00AM

The layout dedicated to jasper and jasmine bother and sister
I love that picture of Jasmine you cant see the sticker but that cat is doing the same thing
AWWW the cats are napping how sweet

The paper I used was DCWV pet stack I loved the paper for this book it was purrfect (sorry I could not resist)
Thanks for looking
Happy crafting!!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

My First Cricut Expression Creation!!!

Oh how I love my Expression let me count the ways....

I still have my baby bug and I intend on still using it (not giving it up for adoption or anything like that...LOL) The expression is just a new addition to my Provo Craft family I now have the Sizzix the original one, the original cricut, the Cricut Expression, and the your story book binder and laminator. I am currently saving my pennies for the cuttle bug and that should complete my family. I have had so much fun during my Christmas break from college just playing with all my new scrapbooking goodies. Christmas day I made a tinkerbell not the one pictured, it took me a long time to figure out the eyes so I gave up, the next day I decided to start all over and two and one half hours later she was completed

* sorry about the flash on the picture I zoomed in to get some details and then the flash bounced off the counter top!
she was cut fit to page 12X12 and so she ended up being 11.5 inches still very intricate cuts especially around the eyes!
Happy Crafting

Saturday, January 3, 2009

365 project

Okay so I have heard of this before but I never felt like it was something that I could commit to. I was reading today on twopeas about the 365 project starting up again this year 2009! I realize that it is the third already and I am two days behind (nothing unusual LOL) but I think I can catch up we are in the process of cleaning up the house of Christmas decor and so I can take pictures of that, on Thursday the first I can do a layout with out a picture new year and now starting today I will carry my camera in my purse and take a picture or two every day. I challenge you to do the same if you had never thought about it before at least think about it now! It sounds like a real challenge but a fun challenge you can go to two peas in a bucket to find out more information but I do know that there is a kit you can buy I am going to do my own thing with my own paper and stuff.
I hope that all had a very happy new year, I still need to upload some Christmas pictures that will appear the post before this one so check it out when you get a chance!

And as always
Happy Crafting!