Monday, January 19, 2009

My Scrap~Studio

I am getting closer and closer to finishing my scrapbook studio! I thought I would share, at the bottom of this page there is a slideshow showing my new space, I still have to put up some art on the wall and a message center and just today after I took these photos I put up a calendar so each day we get closer to finishing! Thanks for stopping by the slideshow is at the bottom along with my new playlist, you will find a wide variety of songs I love music every kind of music all the way from classic to pop I am not a rock or heavy metal fan but anything else is great!
**** Note I am a Christian and you will find the christian music first, some music towards the end is not Christian more POP/RAP but if it has a beat you can dance to I like it most of the time I dont even listen to the words, if you find a non christian song offensive please let me know!***
happy crafting

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