Monday, January 5, 2009

One of my Christmas projects

This year my immediate family decided to exchange handmade items! This was especially neat for me because I scrapbook, stamp, crochet I am into anything handmade! So I decided to make a 12X12 2009 calendar, a crocheted scarf, an altered rubix cube, and a cat scrapbook. They all liked their gifts. Today I am going to share some images from the cat scrapbook. I am very happy with the finished product.

***Sorry about the pictures I took them with my 5mp and inside the scrapbook because it was too hard to get the pages in and out I was getting ready to wrap the book so anyway sorry about the picture
Shadow paw he is the best cat in the world his personality is AWESOME we say he thinks he is a people LOL he eats more from the table than from the bowl and he is just our favorite!
This is Jasmine she is the only girl and boy can you tell it you can see the lower photo is her valentines present from last year a pink hedgehog she is so sweet!
Jasper well what can I say about him he is lovable, rotten, and hyper he is so funny
This scrapbook was probably the hardest scrapbook I have done journaling wise when they are not my pets what can I say but I think I did a pretty good job(o:

The sweetest photo of all three of them all cuddled up together sleeping!! This layout I did about their names and what the names mean.

This layout was done at 2:00 in the morning at my retreat I went to in November I am very proud of this one considering how tired I was everything was done just right.
The other page to the layout that was done at 2:00AM

The layout dedicated to jasper and jasmine bother and sister
I love that picture of Jasmine you cant see the sticker but that cat is doing the same thing
AWWW the cats are napping how sweet

The paper I used was DCWV pet stack I loved the paper for this book it was purrfect (sorry I could not resist)
Thanks for looking
Happy crafting!!!

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Michelle said...

thanks for sharing! my cats are since passed away, but I still scarp about them from time to time!