Friday, January 9, 2009

and yet another christmas project!

This project was a little harder than I ever thought... an altered rubix cube! How hard can that be I thought, not that hard right... wrong!!! I took my pictures had them printed in mini prints I cropped them to fit the cube then what do I do? I took all of the colored stickers off (the colors on the rubix cube is just stickers) then I prepared my work surface and got to work first trying rubber cement, did not work the picture just folded up and rolled off the cube, I then tried super glue did not work either it glued the cube shut and got all over me and if any barely got on the picture it ate it like took the image off the photo paper . By this time I am getting very aggravated... we are like 7 days away from Christmas. I went to my uncle he said he could help me so he soaked the cube over night to get the photos off and then he got the glue unstuck and then he used double stick tape and some type of sealant and voila we had a full functioning rubix cube that no one else will have another one just like his. This gift was for my little brother (16) I think he really liked it. I am sorry I do not have anykind of pattern so if you are thinking about making one all I can say is good luck and dont use rubber sement or super glue use double sided tape and a sealant.
I was so excited when it was done I did not get a picture of the finished product I wrapped it up and gave it to him on Christmas eve and that was it.
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