Thursday, June 3, 2010

The countdown

Oh it is already June 3rd am I ready yet? That is a good question, I think I am getting there but not quite yet:)
The 18th my Grand Opening day over at Pure Eden Jewelry, I have been working on a logo and my earring cards I take the handmade thing all the way down to my packaging:)
If you go to Flickr you will see some examples of what will be introduced on June 18th I can not put specifics on Flickr but you get the idea, If you see something you like then please come by my shop on the 18th or that weekend and check it out!

Here is a sample of my logo For Pure Eden Jewelry (no keep in mind this can change over time but right now I am almost happy with it, still have to tweak some things in photoshop)

Pure Eden Jewelry is inspired by God's Beautiful Creation when you translate the Eden it is to say Delight so really my shop name would read Pure Delight which is what I find in the Lord and his beautiful Creation!

Have a fabulous day

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