Sunday, August 1, 2010


Oh I feel so bad about neglecting my poor blog for so long:(
I have been sooooooo super busy lately
1. I have 3 jobs count them 3
2. I have a HUGE test to study for (Certification)
3. Reorganizing Revamping my scrapbook Studio

Yeah I know I know those are all just excuses however I have some great blog posts coming

1. The job thing I have 3 here they are
a. Church Secretary- I have been my churches secretary for 3 years almost 4 and loving it
b. Cricut Demonstrator for Provo Craft-- wow if that is ever a dream job for me
c. A college instructor teaching Medical Coding This is a wonderful job too

2. The Certification test is for Medical Coding and it is HUGE 5 1/2 hours so I am studying very hard

3. Reorganizing my scrapbook studio-- yeah this is fun instead of using my limited spare time to scrapbook or create I am reorganizing, purging, cleaning, yeah and a little bit of decorating:)

I plan on taking progress picture s of my scrapbook studio redo I have been scrappin for almost 9 years now but have only had a studio a few years, it is taking me a long time to find what is working for me but I think I am on my way thanks to the Peas over at 2peasinabucket:)

I will probably be back later today or tom with a layout for Page maps sketch contest be sure to stop by

Happy Creating

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