Monday, November 17, 2008

My Favorite Things Monday!

Happy monday morning
It is going to be Winter today cold cold cold with a chance of Snow:(
I know some of you like the snow but not me I do not like it at all, let me explain, I live out in the country old country roads and ice do not mix, if I did not have to go anywhere I would love the snow I am sure that some of you feel the same way!
Enough talking here is todays favorite thing...

My Cricut!!! I do not know how I ever managed to scrapbook without it, I use it almost everyday at least once (I am having withdraw as I have it packed up for a crop then I am in the process of moving into my studio and do not have a place to use it yet)
The cricut is AWESOME if you are thinking about getting one but not for sure... Go ahead you will not regret it at least I did not I have had it now for two years and love it the possibilities are endless with the Cricut you can make cards, bags, tags, boxes, paper dolls, scrapbooks, embellishments, monograms, home decor the list can go on and on. Cricut now has two siblings the big sister Cricut Expression and the baby brother the Cricut Create! The expression will cut 12X12 images which is great for scrapbooks and bulletin boards. The Cricut Create is a bit smaller than the original cricut but has some of the newer features like the expression. Cricut also has something called the jukebox this allows you to cut from multiple cartridges at the same time without changing cartridges. I would definitely encourage you to get one any one of them the Expression was on my Christmas list.

Here it is open ready to cut

stay tuned on Friday for the favorite Cartridges!

Happy crafting!Check Spelling

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