Friday, December 14, 2012

Busy Baking...

...Well Sort of:)

I have searched for something cute and sweet to give to my co-workers and boss at work.  I stumbled across this picture on google and knew I needed to make these

 this sweet cupcake even has a cherry on top :)
Images came from

So how hard is it to make a faux cupcake ornament... Well pretty difficult until you find the right recipe(no pun intended)

I started searching and searching for a tutorial to help make these sweet treats no luck finding anything 
I finally found something that told me to use spackling okay so off to the hardware store I went
Came home put it in a pipping bag and started frosting my cupcake to my amazement it slid right off the side of the cupcake and landed on the kitchen counter:( boo

now back to square one-- What had I done wrong? What can I do to fix it? well I did figure out that spackling is only meant for rough surfaces not glass my first mistake, and it is too soft not like real butter cream

Back to google but all I could find was images and etsy shop links, much to my dismay I went back to the hardware store and tried to figure something out
-plaster or paris
-dry wall mix
-faux snow
- a mixture of  some of the above

I came back home and began experimenting 
the plaster of paris is too heavy but I think they will make great paperweights 
caulking did not work either 
spackling did work if I spread it on and dried it with hair dryer  but it was not the look I was going for
Spackling mixed with faux snow maybe the perfect combination

Do I have a tutorial no not yet as I am still experimenting to get the perfect faux frosting for my yummy treats but I do have a photo of my completed project and BTW everyone loved them:)

There are a ton of faux cupcakes available on ETSY by very talented artists, I may once I figure out my recipe add a collection to my shop too but not anytime soon:) Check out the yummy collection by searching faux cupcakes on ETSY

Happy crafting

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