Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sometimes crafting is hard

I am a crafter... I scrapbook, make cards, alter, crochet, and any other crafty thing that I come across. However, sometimes it is hard for me you may get in a rut and you may lose your mojo may not feel like crafting, this was not my problem. This weekend my friends mother passed away, to make a sympathy card probably the hardest crafting project I have had in a long time. I wanted to make something bright and something that would tell her how I felt, without making her sad all over again. this is what I came up with, I am pretty happy with it and sent it in the mail yesterday. I hope that it brings a smile to her face, enough talking here is the card.

more views can be seen on my creations gallery link to the right!

Thanks for looking

Happy crafting!!!


Tami Bayer said...

I find sympathy cards difficult and most especially when they are for friends. Yours is beautiful.

Miss Creative said...

Thank you Tami, I did struggle with this card but I was happy with it!