Monday, October 6, 2008

Stressed Out, Flipped Out, Happy

I could be Stressing right now I could be flipping out about now but I am happy I have no complaints and everything is great! I could be stressing and flipping because of school I am taking 18 hours online for a bachelors degree and boy oh boy I am working my tail off trying to get everything done and turned in to get a good grade! I feel like there is not enough hours in the day LOL I go to work I come home and do school then I try to find time to scrap or craft then I watch a little TV when there is something on GREYS ANATOMY or DANCING WITH THE STARS!!!!!! Other than that everything is Awesome I am getting ready for Christmas season I just started my cards yesterday. Next Monday my family is making Applebutter so getting ready for company to stay at our house. And right now as we speak.... well I sit here typing :o) My cousin and wonderful uncle are working on my flooring for my scrapbook room. My mom will not let me see it until it is done so that is why no updated pictures but as soon as they get done (hopefully today :o) but probably not:o( ) I will post lots of pictures and tell you all about it! Life is just busy to add to everything else my church is holding REVIVAL this week this is going to be a good REVIVAL not trying to sound melancholy about it but I will have to rework things in my schedule to get to go! Off to organize my scrapbook stuff to pack up for my new space!
Happy crafting!!

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