Friday, October 31, 2008

Introducing Favorite things!!!

I am going to start showing my favorite craft tools, accessories, albums, and anything else craft related! So be sure to check in each Friday for Favorite Things Friday and Monday for My favorite things Monday! This will be each Friday and Monday until Christmas. Has anyone watched any of the popular talk shows on TV that show their favorite things! This has inspired me to do the same thing just to get you thinking for you or maybe great gift ideas for your favorite scrapbooker!

Today is Saturday 11/8/2008, I am behind, having issues well not really issues but not wanting to take the time to upload pictures:o) and with school so I am playing catch up!!!

Friday 10/31/2008

Today is My Marvy Heat Tool

I got mine at Micheals regular price is $19.99 I had a 40% off coupon and so it was apprx. $12.00 :o)

Monday 11/3/2008

Finally November yeah It is a month to be thankful and to remember what we are thankful for so for todays favorite thing I am going to say I am thankful for my Family, my Faith, my craft, my friends, and most of all I am thankful for My wonderful Mom! Check back on Friday for my next favorite thing!and remmember to be Thankful!!!

Friday 11/7/2008
so todays favorite thing will be...

...Drum roll... new daisy doodles Prima flowers

Sorry about the fuzzy picture it was late last night:o)

these flowers are so neat all of prima flowers are great but these are my newest collections (not for long I have a 50% coupon that I plan on using for Prima flowers stay tuned they may be on one of my favorite things list!)

The Daisy Doodles come in a neat glass jar kind of like a spice jar (so cute) with one assembled flower in the lid then 36 petals and the stamen for the center of the flower I can not wait to use them on a project!
I will try to be more promt to get my pictures uploaded and posted each day!

Happy Crafting!!!

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