Saturday, August 16, 2008


Oh my have I been busy the month of June went by like in a few days.... then the month of July well it is now gone and we are almost ready to go back to school... Back to school several things come to mind when I think of back to school the number 1 thing is going back to school shopping! How much fun, sometimes it can get really expensive, especially when your child wants all character items have you ever thought of making your own? Yeah you can do it with the help of a die cutting tool perferably the CRICUT, and with all of the cartridges they have available you can make some really cute and Cool products your kids will flip over! I recently made a video for Cricut for this reason, Also good news my scrapbook studio is finally almost done well almost being the word we still have to paint, put in more lighting, flooring, cabinets, and voila we have a studio! LOL but very exciting we were supposed to be LIVE the first part of June but you know how it is..... Maybe not but oh well we are getting there now:o)
I will post pictures of my cricut session and my almost done studio in a few days until then happy crafting!

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