Monday, June 15, 2009

Attention all crafters who sell their crafts!!!

Do you want to get your shop noticed for the holidays? I know I do! how does it sound to have celebrities view your products in a magazine and then maybe come visit your shop? Sounds Awesome to me! Well Have I got a deal to tell you about!!!
The BHR (Blockhead Radio) Artisan Directory

This Directory will be published in time for the holidays and will be available both online and in hard copy form August 1st through March 2010

They are working hard to get this book completed they are right now accepting shops for ad spaces the spaces run

1/4 page~ $ 7.50 and will give you the chance to have 3 photos 300 words and two coupon spots available 3.5X3.5 300 words of your choice links to shop, blog and other limit of 5 links up to 2 coupon spaces in the back of the magazine that potential customers can use in your shop:)

1/2 page~ $15.00 500 words this takes up two ad spaces

Full Page~ $30.00 would take up all 4 ad spaces

*** only a couple weeks left to get a spot in the directory ad spaces are at a first come first serve basis until July 1st***

~~~ They will create and make your ad for FREE~~~

More information on this art directory you can go to
Huckleberry arts ETSY Shop
Blockhead Radio Artfire shop

I am really excited about this we can be in a magazine!!! Check out the above links for more information on how you can join in!!!
Until next time!
Happy Crafting


Huckleberry Arts said...

Real happy to have you with us and Thank you for the wonderful post!

Rose Works Jewelry said...

I'm in the directory and really excited about it!