Sunday, April 20, 2008

Card Frenzy!!!!!!

Lately all I have been able to do is make cards, What kind it really doesnt matter I just sit down and start to make a card and really do not know the end result until it is finished. The other day I sat down to make my uncle a b-day card it ended up to be a pink flowery card cant give him that one. I joined FISKATEERS!!!!! wonderful community and I am orgainzing a card swap making ten cards and swaping with other crafters around the globe, so much fun!!! I sit down to scrapbook and all I can do is come up with a card, I must be in a card mood. Last week I sat down and made two very special little girls Disney autograph book using my cricut, she(the mother) called me from Disney the other day and told me they were a Hit every one loved them including the characters! Jasamine and Aladin actually rode the magic carpets because they loved the books so much! That makes me feel really good that my little project has touched so many people. enough rambling I will show my cards I have made.

***These cards are my creations please be nice and do not replicate***

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