Monday, February 28, 2011

ETSY a place to buy and sell all things handmade

ETSY is probably the best place to sell or purchase hand crafted items I have found anyway!

I joined in 2008 selling cards and crochet items, I was open 6 months and then one morning a sale :) then nothing for 3 months:(

I could not keep up with my shop-- creating-- photo taking--listing-- the whole running a business thing, because I was working and going to school and it got to be too much so I closed my shop

the desire to create and sell my creations was still in the back of my head so I re-opened in 2009 early 2010 was only on for a few months when I decided I needed a break to regroup maybe create some new products so I was off for approximately 5 months

Now I am open and here to stay!!!! I am offering a wide variety of greeting cards, jewelry and accessories

What is different than last time you may ask? Well I am working 2 full time jobs (teaching) and trying to create and be on ETSY well a team is different I joined a TEAM on ETSY that is supportive for working ETSIANS meaning we have day jobs or go to school the team helps us to balance everything and it a support system for working etsians!

I am doing better at ETSY this time I think anyway you can look at the 2nd page of my shop to see my old pictures and my current pictures are on page 1 I think a better improvement

With any business it needs to be run, management is everything in a company the same thing goes for my little shop~

Come on by and check out Creative Corner Designs

Have a Creative Day!

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