Sunday, February 20, 2011

thinking of expanding my shop~

Well I have more than one crafting passions
-any craft really

So how do i limit my shop to just greeting cards you may ask? Well I thought if you have one brand maybe the shop will do better~ Just a thought so about 6 months to 1 year i opened up a shop called Pure Eden jewelry but all of my traffic feed my hearts were in my creative corner shop~
What was I to do I am trying to be better at advertisement but right now I just am at the brick wall ETSIANS get to, I need to break through that wall~

So I have a pretty large inventory of jewelry... Here is what I have decided to do

instead of having every jewelry item--like beaded jewelry, bracelets, rings, necklaces, pendants, I am going to have just a few items like-- pendants(glass and resin), rings, some really neat beaded bracelets, and hair accessories FUN items nothing too fancy, nothing really vintage, more like young people wear today, cute enough to wear to church or school but still modern enough to wear to a party or wedding~ What a balance-- well I have thought long and hard about this-- my price point-- shipping options-- whether to offer the new jewelry line or not-- I have decided I will go ahead and give it a try~

It will be under my Creative Corner Designs shop but still branded as pure Eden Jewelry that way I can easily transition to the Pure Eden Jewelry shop if I need to in the future, also at Craft shows and fairs I will be able to easily distinguish my Jewelry because i have created a logo for my Jewelry and my cards of course is my banner and avatar both here on this blog and at my shop~

Here is to a very nice Sunday with a very nice productive weekend behind me-- Friday I got my pictures taken and edited-- Beautiful weather the light just came in my studio (wonderful)-- Saturday I got some work done for my day job-- Lectures and exams created-- Today I am going to try to get some listings ready for this week and maybe my new banner for my shop yeah I have to change my tag-line if I add jewelry.

What to say, what to say, what to say..... hmmmm well it could be a greeting for every occasion and Pure Eden Jewelry designs, or it could say Greetings for all occasions and Jeweled creations, i don't know i really would like to have Pure Eden in the name some where?

Have a Creative Day

here is a sample of my new Line of Pure Eden Jewelry Pendants

And I just realized I do not have all of my pictures edited so that will be added to my to-do list today:)

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