Saturday, January 26, 2013

New Packaging for shop

So as we go through life we make changes hopefully for the better, the same thing goes for my shop!

I Love getting gifts so my goal was to package up my goodies like a gift even if it was a personal purchase!

I came up with this for the packaging
A photo from a recent sale--
I used a celophane bag 
inside the bag I placed
  • bright orange and fuscia paper shreads
  • I also created a unique hang card for my pendants
Tied the bag up with a orange and pink ribbon and attached a gift tag created by Shutterfly

A view from the back
in the back of the bag I placed the following:
  • a hand written note of thanks
  • and a business card

I love my new packaging a neat way to showcase my pendants and other jewelry pieces and best part it doesn't break the bank:)

I hope my customers like the packaging as much as I do!

Until next time
Happy Creating

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