Thursday, December 4, 2008

Let me introduce you to My Scrapbook Studio!!

There will be pictures of construction, pictures of where I scrapped before and my brand new Scrapbook studio I hope that you enjoy!
For years I did not have a room dedicated to my scrapbooking world! I would just pack up my stuff and carry it to the dinning room table and then pack it back up and put it away! This was not very much fun but I got used to it so it was okay!!!
Here are some pictures of my scrapbooking space before it got finished and how I used to scrapbook!
The unfinished scrapbook studio right now it is just a dream :o)

This is the wall my cricut and die cutting systems will go look at all of those outlets :o)
My cool recessed lighting supposed to be great lighting

Look we now have insulation!!!! Getting there one step at a time:o)

The plumbing for my sink, yeah I actually get a sink!!!! It was my cousins idea he said that he would not want me going up and down the stairs to clean my stamps so he just decided to put a sink in my room! I have the best cousin and Uncle ever they are AWESOME they did this entire room from start to finish, flooring, drywall, plumbing, electrical they did it all!!! I love them <3

The spare bedroom I took it over with most of my scrapbook stuff I actually had stuff in every room of the house 1st floor ;o) My mom did not appreciate it very much LOL

In the middle of a project on the dresser in the spare bedroom/my stuff... I usually moved all of my stuff into the dinning room but sometimes when we had company for dinner I had to work in the small space in the spare storage cubes trying to get things organized the key word here is trying LOL

Yes I even worked in the floor

My poor cricut deserves a nicer space but this is all that I had room for in the spare bedroom better than nothing but wait till you see where she lives now!!!
my cropper hopper paper storage, I love it notice the cropper hopper photo storage box stores neatly below the paper box!

this is where I used to work just a memory now:o)

another view of the dinning room table

another view of the spare bedroom my old scrapbook holding area as I liked to call it!

and one more view of the dinning room table I had a lot of space yes but was it convenient? NO!!!! No more worries now

My AWESOME Scrapbook Studio
neatly organized everything has its space, I still have a couple things to do, put the trimming around the recessed lighting, put up the track lighting along the walls, and put up a message center, and get another set of drawers for the other side of the counter but other than that I am in business I love it... I love it... I love it, It is more than I could have ever dreamed I want to scrapbook and craft all the time now so much inspiration up there! I want to say Thank you to my FAVORITE UNCLE AND MY FAVORITE COUSIN and all of those that helped out you know who you are as for the rest of my family that will read this I still love you and yes you are my favorite too I really do not have one favorite anybody :o) you are all my favorite but this favorite uncle and cousin has really worked hard to give me this wonderful space and for that I am forever grateful!!!
enough blabbing here are the pictures!!! Enjoy!

When you first walk in the door you will see this!

My room you see the island (Love it more than I ever dreamed it is perfect), My counter top against the wall this is AWESOME, my bookshelf for storage and can barely see my paper storage in the corner

closer view of my bookshelf, paper storage, and look that is a small closet(this will come in handy to hide presents or to store things)
Now there is my counter top, I need one more set of drawers for this end(towards boom box) but other than that it is all done(one of my cousins said that she would put a piece of material around the bottom so I could hide things it is a good idea will have to think about it).
The counter top is where my cricut, sizzix, bind~it~all any other tool goes and in the corner near the wall is my stamping corner(not finished still need a message center and some type of shelving on the wall)

My island Oh my what can I say other than this is GREAT my Uncle got me a melamine counter top a great work surface and lots of room you can see 2 people can sit and work (with plenty of room) and see my MM desktop carousel!
Another view of the room I am standing next to the window looking back toward the spare room and dormer
View looking toward sink, standing in front of window

My workspace on my island ready to craft!!!

another view of my counter top see my drawers I still need one more set of drawers the crates are full of stickers and scrap paper and altering material

my sink yeah I didn't think I needed a sink but my cousin insisted and I am glad it makes it easy to clean up my messy jobs:o)
I hope you enjoyed the tour and story of my Scrapbook studio
Happy Crafting!!!


TracyP said...

WOW!!!!! I am totally jealous!! How awesome and I loved seeing the before and after pics! What a wonderfully inspiring room to work in!! I hope to see ALOT of wonderful crafting going on in there!!

Miss Creative said...

Thank you for your kind words I don't ever want to leave that room! I have been creating so much more than I have ever made before I think it is inspiring! My word of encouragement is this : I never thought I would have a room like this but I do after nearly 10 years more like 8 so never give up on a dream to have a scrapbook room!
Happy crafting!!