Tuesday, December 16, 2008

How many days?

Tell me it isn't so Please tell me we have more than 8 days left until Christmas! I am so excited what do I want for Christmas, well I would say most of all good health for my family, and for the rest of my family to attend church with us. But if you are asking what do I want in the way of material things well the list pretty much goes on and on but a few would be CTMH stamp pads, Cricut cartridges always want something Cricut, well a Cricut expression would be nice (do I need it no but it would be nice to have one... Some day), the your story book binding system and laminator, stickles, hoodies, clothes, undies, and anything I am a happy girl all the time and I am very appreciative of anything and everything I receive!

I had a CTMH party on Saturday it was a hit! I could not pick what I wanted (I finally did) it should be in sometime this week:o) I had 8 people we made Christmas cards, and we got to try embossing... this was the most fun watching everyone learn something new for the first time(I had already embossed)

I have so much to do, bake cookies, get ready, wrap, finish up on handmade gifts, but I am FINISHED SHOPPING :o) (o: YEAH it has just sneaked up on us really fast. I have some altered Hershey's bar for gifts this Thursday and on Christmas Eve.

No pictures today, we have a new addition to our camera family!!! A canon Xsi very exciting but still trying to learn all the ins and the outs!

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