Saturday, February 9, 2013

Busy in my shop and Luci makes her debut

I have had a full day of fun, work, fun, work yeah we will go with fun!  Photographing products for my shop and getting a tray of pendants ready to go to the salon to show off:)

My adventure started at 9AM this morning with setting up the studio set complete with lights and backdrop
Then to get Luci ready for her debut, modeling our frilly scarves (homespun creations)

I set everything up and then starting photographing my scarves on Luci, I love how they turned out you are going to have to look at my shop for more details 

I took a break at 10:30-11:30 (lunch)-- then a good friend stopped by to pick up her order, after that I made a special delivery to another great customer (she is family so does it really count? I dont know but I think it does!)

Came home and continued my photo shoot, now comes the fun part of editing and listing the photos on ETSY  so people can buy them:)

I have a beautiful pearl, and mum necklace I am also working on I can not wait to get it photographed and listed would make a great Easter necklace!  

I have 6 new designs of Scrabble tiles that will be appearing very soon too

All in a days work 

I will leave you with a photo from todays shoot
Luci modeling a lilac frilly scarf (look for it to hit store shelves soon(Creative Corner that is)

Until Next Time,
Happy Crafting
Danielle C

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