Friday, February 8, 2013

I am happy to Introduce you to...

... Luci
My brand new dress form, I am so excited about my new addition!
I have always wanted a dress form but the mere fact that they are very expensive I never got one
Then I found a tutorial on how to make your own with duct tape, I thought that would probably be cheaper but would it live up to my expectation of a dress form?
I began a search online for an affordable dress form and after hours of my search I found her!!!!

What are you going to do with a dress form? Everyone has asked me, well I am going to use it as a display for my shop photos, and as a decoration (what she is meant to be)

now this is no little dress form she is over 5 feet tall maybe almost 6 feet:)

She is ready to model all of our homespun creations, and necklaces that are coming to our shop soon!
Until next time 
Happy Crafting
Danielle C

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