Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Busy Little Bee

So my weekend was Awesome, other than a sinus headache that refused to go away, I had 8 orders to work on :)
Saturday was spent crafting and then working on my orders
Sunday was packing them up and delivering the first part (a family order)
My etsy order was sent out 
I have to make another delivery later this week
I am so excited my shop is thriving and that is all because of you my fabulous clients!
Working on my orders
A custom pendant with a special quote: I actually kind of like it "I love you more than hogs love slop!"

A client asked me to put her son's name on a pendant with his birthstone I love it so much I am going to begin offering them in my shop
child's name on a solid background, with a wire-wrapped Swarovski crystal birthstone-- these will be available as a custom order for $8.00(1-2 crystals, .50 per additional crystal) +shipping and handling WV orders will get a 6% sales tax added
Would you like a custom name pendant ? E-mail me at MyCreativeCornerStore@gmail.com
message me on Facebook or through ETSY

Until next time,
Happy Crafting
Danielle C.

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