Monday, January 30, 2012

one card two ways

I needed a congratulations card for my cousin who just got accepted to the college she has dreamed about going to:)
One of my students the very next day to getting her announcement, makes his announcement that his dog got hit by a car and passed away on the way the vet. He was so torn up over the dog it made me and the other students cry. I thought I need to make to him a card for the class to give to him(this is not unusual for for me to do I make a card usually once per quarter for various and sundry things) So I came home after work and headed straight to my craft room--

I knew I wanted something made with cricut and maybe stamps.
I wanted a dog related card for the student since it was his dog that passed away, once I got finished with his card I loved the dog on the front so much that I decided to do the same thing for the congratulations card.

Here are the cards
Congratulations Card


Sorry Card



I hope this gives you inspiration to get your cricut out and make multiple cuts for different reasons:) It is fun to see what the finished product looks like

happy Creating

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