Monday, January 2, 2012

Scrapbook Studio Tour Part 1

I decided to take you on a tour of my scrapbook studio!

This is definitely my happy place:)

A place where cards are created, and memories are preserved!

Part 1 of my tour will take you to my stamping station
This is a old TV/computer stand-- I grabbed it before it headed to the trash(good decision)
on the floor it has all the boxes of tech stuff i have and some party supplies
the next shelf has all of my CTMH stamps
the next shelf is the old vintage beta player(still works)
the next shelf is all the CTMH large alpha stamps
On the top of the cabinet i have placed some organizer drawers to hold all of my CTMH accessories and other stamping neccessities
On top of the drawers is my creation basket with my little scrapbook mouse
and some more CTMH creations like the memory boxes and memory cubes

Next is my stamping station/table
This is where all of my cards are created and anything else that needs stamping
my table was from Bmoss when they were liquidating the store at the mall it is perfect for my stamping
my shelf is homemade and holds pictures and other memorabilia
notice my CTMH stamp pad tower
2 little crates to hold my most used CTMh stamps
marker storage
2 over the desk white boards and corkboard organizer(these are great for inspiration)
under the desk is my created cards, scrapbook/card making supplies to go(packed up and ready for a crop)

I hope you come back Wednesday for more information on my marker storage
Happy Crafting

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