Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Scrapbook Studio Tour Part 4

Today we will be visiting my paper and album storage I use the cropper hopper clear vertical paper storage and storage unit to hold all of my card stock stored by color group The pattern paper is stored in the cropper hopper class tote stored by manufacture My albums and scrapbook theme kits are stored in a white bookcase some creations line the top of the bookshelf the top shelf inside the bookcase is chipboard letters and shapes

notice all of the photo boxes stacked up on the other side of my paper holder, those are all pictures stored by theme ready to be scrapped:)
notice the iris tote, how I store my scrap paper by color group in the provided file folders, so far I love this storage solution, easy access and ready to go for a crop;)

Today I also want to wish my wonderful mommy a Very Happy Birthday!

Happy Creating

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