Monday, January 16, 2012

Scrapbook Studio Tour part 6

The conclusion of our tour will end today with the last wall of my scrapbook studio
and my memory makers wall storage too

Ribbon, stickles, buttons, flowers, and paint all stored in my memory makers wall storage
My cricut apron and monkey hangs from my initial hanger
My file cabinet holds paperwork, and craft kits, the crate on top holds totes, the sterilite container holds general craft supplies, glass crafts, and candles
my refrigerator(which comes in handy for crops or long scrapbook days
and last but definitely not least is my wonderful sink-- this is a great thing to have in your scrapbook studio because of messy projects with stamps, glue, and paint
I thought I would not use it but I use it almost every time I scrap:)

Happy Crafting

I hope you enjoyed the scrapbook studio tour and you could get some useful tips and ideas about your own personal space!

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